5 Best Badminton Strings Reviewed

Did you know that much of the smash power in badminton is derived from the string?

So, whether you’re a pro or you’re looking to get started in badminton, not only do you need to get the right racket but also the right strings.

The good news is that there are many badminton strings available on the market today that you can choose from.

The not-so-good newsis that not all will be suitable for you and your badminton racket.

For that reason, we’re going to look at some of the best badminton strings on the market today and what you should look for to make sure you buy the right one for your racket.

Here are my picks for the best badminton strings

  • Yonex BG 80 Badminton String
  • The YONEX BG 66 Ultimax Badminton String
  • Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium
  • Yonex BG-65 Badminton String
  • LI-NING Badminton Racket String NO.1

How To Choose The Right Badminton String

The sheer number of badminton strings available on the market could make finding the right one for you pretty overwhelming. 

However, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure you make the right decision when shopping for the best badminton string for you. Some of these factors include:

String Tension and Sweet Spot

The first and undeniably most important factor to consider is the tension of the strings.

What makes the strings’ tension a significant factor to consider is that it affects your performance in the game in so many different ways.

For instance, a low-tension string gives you less repulsion and power, at least if you’re a complete beginner. The upside is that it also gives you a more forgiving, larger sweet spot, and plenty of bounce.

On the other hand, a high-tension string allows for more accurate and consistent strikes to give you more control in the game.

However, you can choose the right string tension based on your expertise level.

This means that if you’re a beginner, your best option is a lower string tension between 17lbs and 22lbs and a high string tension of about 27lbs to 30lbs for professional badminton players.

These are recommendations based on years of playing badminton, but take them with a grain of salt. You should go for the string tension that suits your game the best.

The String’s Thickness

Another important factor to consider is the thickness of the strings. Most strings in the market come in diameters ranging from 0.65mm up to 0.70mm.

If you’re an experienced player, opt for thicker strings as they withstand heavier workloads, allowing you to put more power in your strikes without them breaking.

A thinner string, on the contrary, offers more flexibility and requires minimal elbow grease when you’re taking a shot.  But, they are more prone to snapping than thicker strings.

As such, it’s important to note that the thickness of the strings affects their durability.

That being said, there are a bunch of slightly thinner strings on the market that are still durable. With today’s advanced strings, it’s possible to get the best of both worlds.

The durability of the strings

Besides the thickness of the string, the type of material and technologies used in the making of the strings can affect how long they last.

Badminton strings are available in two types including multifilament and monofilament.

Monofilament strings are usually those that are made using one type of material, often polyester while multifilament ones comprise a combination of different materials such as nylon, zyex, vectran, and Kevlar. Generally, multifilament strings are less durable than monofilament types but offer better elasticity.

5 Best Badminton Strings Reviewed

Let’s jump into the juicy part, where I review five of the best badminton strings on the market.

1. Yonex BG80 Badminton String

Yonex is a renowned global brand that manufactures and supplies top-quality badminton rackets, strings, and other sporting products. And the Yonex BG80 Badminton string is no exception.

The BG80 stands out from the rest for offering players unparalleled power and control. The BG80 is specially designed suitable for intermediate and professional badminton players.

Featuring a 0.68mm diameter, the BG80 gives you a concentrated sweet spot for improved accuracy, greater power, and enhanced durability. This also allows you to make great smashes with an amazing hitting sound.

Besides that, this string is uniquely made of premium multifilament material including hybrid Vectran fiber. The hybrid material makes this string incredibly strong to withstand higher tensions without snapping. The advanced material also offers you a hard feeling and helps enhance the string’s durability.

In terms of performance in the game, the BG80 delivers a high repulsion power during smashing and clearing. It only requires you to put little effort to produce more power.

This might be a great choice if you’re a heavy smasher as it gives you extra power with each smash while providing a satisfying hard feeling and sound.


  • Delivers higher repulsion so you can generate powerful shots
  • Great option for intermediate and experienced players
  • Outstanding tension holding capability, meaning it doesn’t lose tension easily
  • Provides a satisfying hard feeling
  • Built for unmatched durability so you won’t need to change strings often
  • Features a strong core, so it’s unlikely to break


  • Requires proper hitting techniques so it may not be ideal for beginners
  • Not suitable for players who want a string that offers a soft feeling

2. Yonex BG66 Ultimax Badminton String

Coming second on our list is the Yonex BG66 Ultimax string, which is specially designed suitable for advanced and professional badminton players.

This string is designed to offer high repulsion and control, so you can deliver amazingly powerful and high-quality shots. Besides that, the BG66 Ultimax gives you a wonderful feel for power as you make overhead shots as well as a nice hitting sound.

When it comes to build quality, the BG66 Ultimax string is made of high-polymer nylon, which is much better and stronger than normal nylon.

This string boasts a gauge of about 0.65mm, which makes it thin enough to offer you the combination of maximum durability, speed, and control. The string can withstand a tension range of up to 30 pounds.

If you’re an advanced badminton player, you can’t go wrong with the Yonex BG66 Ultimax string as it offers you superior control and power, allowing you to make powerful and accurate shots.


  • Great option for advanced players with proper hitting skills
  • The string produces amazing repulsion and control for improved performance in the game
  • It generates excellent power, allowing for more aggressive gameplay
  • Made of premium nylon materials for improved durability
  • Great tension holding capability, meaning it’s unlikely to break
  • Offers a perfect combination of speed and control
  • A great string for playing control-based games


  • The string’s durability could be improved
  • Not suitable for beginner players

3. Yonex BG65 Ti Titanium

Next up is the Yonex BG65 Ti string, which has earned an outstanding reputation among badminton players for its remarkable durability. If you’re an aggressive player who doesn’t want to change strings too often, the Yonex BG65 Ti string could be the best badminton string for you.

To begin with, the Yonex BG65 Ti string boasts a 0.70mm thickness and a hybrid Titanium coating, making it one of the most durable strings you can find out there.

Due to its thick diameter and titanium coating, the Yonex BG65 Ti string can withstand higher tensions to provide you with more control while attacking.

Besides giving you more control, this badminton string requires less effort when you want to make powerful shots. One of the main selling points of this string is the sharp yet comfortable feeling it gives you while letting you improve your performance in the game as an aggressive player.  You may also want to choose this string if you often break your strings.

If you’re a hard hitter, the Yonex BG65 Ti gives you more relaxed controlling and provides enhanced durability, making it a reliable option than most of the strings out there.


  • Offers a decent repulsion, so you can make powerful shots using less effort
  • It gives a comfortable hard feeling during impact
  • Made using premium material for unmatched durability
  • Great option for hard hitters and aggressive players
  • Allows hard hitters to make powerful shots
  • Made thick enough to hold high tension without any problem


  • The titanium coating makes it slippery
  • Not an ideal choice for defensive players

4. Yonex BG-65 Badminton String

The Yonex BG-65 is arguably one of the most popular and best badminton strings on the market. What makes it popular is mainly because it’s used by virtually all players, from beginners to professionals.

The BG65’s best-selling feature is its solid construction, featuring a polymer construction with special braiding. Just like the BG66 Ultimax, this string measures 0.70mm thick in diameter that adds to its high durability.

This also means that you can use this string comfortably without worrying about it breaking. The string’s thickness also makes your racket feel somewhat spongy.

Additionally, the BG65’s special fiber braiding provides the strings with a soft feeling, which helps you make more accurate shots.

This string also puts less pressure on your wrists when you want to make powerful shots. You may also love that this string makes you cut down on stringing costs due to its durable construction. It’s also available in multiple color options and varying lengths, from 10 meters up to 500 meters.


  • Suitable for use by beginners and advanced players
  • Allows for more accurate shots
  • The string’s thickness offers a spongy feeling
  • Durable construction reduces  stringing costs
  • Features a special braiding for enhanced tension retention
  • Available in multiple color options and lengths to choose from
  • Great diameter thickness for enhanced durability


  • Generates less repulsion hence a reduction in power

5. LI-NING Badminton Racket String NO.1

Last on our list is the LI-NING Badminton String NO.1, which is another excellent string that’s specially designed for professional players with advanced hitting skills.

The LI-NING Badminton String NO.1 is designed to give you the greatest resistance power. It features a 0.65 mm thick diameter, which makes it thick enough to increase your feeling of control in the game. 

This string is made of a multifilament material featuring high-strength nylon with elasticity properties. This makes it ideal for making powerful shots and smashes. This also means that it’s extremely durable, which allows you to enjoy your game longer.

This string has tension retention of between 24 pounds and 33 pounds, meaning it can also be used for very high tensions. It’s available in different colors including orange, white, blue, black, and yellow. You may also like that it produces a favorable sound upon impact.


  • Features a solid build quality, so you can expect it to last longer
  • Gives a high repulsion power, so you use less effort to make powerful shots
  • Has a remarkable tension holding capability, thus it won’t easily break
  • Suitable for use by both beginner and experienced players
  • Available in multiple color options to choose from
  • Features a unique elasticity property to generate more power
  • Gives an excellent hitting sound


  • May wear out quickly due to its reduced thickness


In my opinion, the best badminton string is the BG80 string from Yonex. It’s a great choice for beginner’s as well as advanced players.

As you’ve seen from our review, there are many amazing badminton strings on the market that you can choose from today for the best experience in your game.

However, to make sure you’re buying the right badminton string for your racket, be sure to consider factors such as tension retention, sweet spot, control, and durability.

This will help you to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them so you can make an informed decision when buying.


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