Victor Auraspeed 90s Review

The Victor Auraspeed 90s debuted in 2018. Its performance coupled with the impressive design captured the attention of many international players. 

At the time of its launch, Auraspeed 90s was a superior substitute for the Jetspeed 10. 

Auraspeed’s numerous features and unmatched playability made it a commendable pick from Victor’s impressive product lineup.

Key Features

The Victor Auraspeed 90s’ multi-colored appearance is undoubtedly spectacular. I like the primary color combination – black with a dual-tone metallic grey/purple hue. 

Besides those, it has green and blue decals on the 3 and 9 points on the head. 

The G5 grip on the handle makes it feel a little big to hold. This could make beginners feel a little uncertain about using the racket.  

Hard Facts About The Racket:

ShaftHigh Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.8 Shaft 
Weight3U (85-89g unstrung), 4U (80-84g unstrung)
Grip sizeG5/S3 (Small)
ColorsBlack with dual-tone metallic grey/purple and green and blue decals
Stringing adviceVBS68 White with tension at 24lbs

Victor Auraspeed 90s Review – Overall Rating 9/10

Auraspeed 90s is a light-headed racket and its design makes it a stunning all-rounder. It can generate awesome speeds using its head and stable frame. 

With the racket, you get the advantage of incredible power from the rear court and superb maneuverability in other parts.

Power – 9/10

The Auraspeed 90s is very efficient in terms of power output. 

It has Nano Fortify TR+ incorporated in the frame which creates high repulsion for increased power. This helps make your fast-paced rallies successful.

It is perfect for people looking to improve their rear court game. 

Speed – 10/10

This racket is a great pick for players who prefer a high-paced game. It features Rebound Transition Construction (RTC) which amplifies speed, accuracy, and responsiveness in every shot. 

RTC technology is based on a scientific approach. It utilizes the reflection point in the key areas of the racket frame to create a rebounding effect while enhancing the shot quality and swing speed in the process. 

AS90s also gets its high speed from the Sonic-Rebound Technology that combines with RTC. It uses the strong modulus graphite to produce a quick rebound which increases the speed of the strikes. 

Its light head makes movements easier giving you more options for quicker response. Due to its stiff construction, the racket moves incredibly well when in the air which can be a game-changing factor during the rallies. 

Control – 9/10

Most of the technologies included in the construction of this racket contribute towards enhancing control. 

However, the WES (Whipping Enhancement System) keeps your shots straight and accommodates faster attacks. It uses a soft material in the T-section of the racket that ensures that you don’t lose control during the game. 

The material used in the construction of this racket i.e. PYROFIL carbon fiber acts as a shock absorber which is also an amazing control attribute. 

Auraspeed 90s may feel a little big for the hands but that does not affect the exceptional control it provides in different game situations. 

It is very handy when moving in different angles to hit shots like the backhand, forehand, and even the crucial ones around the net. 

Specific shots rated: 

  • Smash – 7/10
  • Drop – 9/10
  • Clear – 9/10
  • Drive – 9/10
  • Defensive block – 9/10
  • Net kill – 9/10
  • Defensive lift – 8/10

Personal Verdict:

Based on personal experience, I can say that this racket is designed for professionals, as it takes a lot of practice to ace this racket. 

It is much better in terms of durability, speed, and performance when compared to the other rackets in the same price range. 

The freedom to choose between different sizes i.e. 3U and 4U can affect your game to a great extent. 


  • The racket is suitable for players who need to add speed to their game
  • It can make your clear shot highly enjoyable as the shaft becomes tough and get more flex while hitting 
  • Incomparable control and power 
  • You don’t have to worry about the racket breaking apart any sooner as it is constructed using a durable and flexible material 
  • If timed right the whipping effect is incredible 
  • Has a great sweet spot for accurate shots
  • Satisfying smashes 


  • It takes time to get used to the racket 
  • The racket has to be chosen carefully considering the weight and the game

Alternatives To Victor Auraspeed 90s

The Auraspeed 90s may not be a perfect fit for all, but some rackets have a similar design and offer similar performance. Therefore, I have tried different rackets to find the best alternatives for Auraspeed 90s. 

Victor Bravesword 12: All-rounders

The BRS12N is quite relevant even today as it has all the abilities that are required in an all-rounder racket. It has a medium-thick shaft that allows you to move it freely and nail every shot with perfection. 

BRS12N is regarded as one of the best all-rounder rackets due to its even-balance. You can cover all the areas of the court with ease and dominate the rallies skillfully. 

Victor has left no stone unturned to make BRS12N a tough competitor. It is shaped like a diamond for an aerodynamic design. This lets the racket cut through the air with less resistance and offers impressive swing speed. 

The sweet spot is quite large too, which makes complicated shots easier and could help solve your accuracy problems. 

Victor Jetspeed 12M: Fast players

JS12M is a much-advanced option as it features the Aero-Sword frame design that can decrease the air resistance substantially. Owing to the innovative Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS) the JS12M is light, durable, and quite easy to control.

You can experience swift swings and impressive shot stability during the game. Just like AS90s, the JS12M is also constructed using PYROFIL that offers incredible shock absorption. 

What makes it suitable for fast players is the combination of the stiff frame and resilient shaft that provides easy control while generating a substantial amount of force. This makes sweeps quicker, effortless, and effective which is quite the requirement near the net area.  

Should you buy the Victor Auraspeed 90s?

If you have been using any of the old rackets from Victor, the Auraspeed 90s will exceed your expectations in every aspect of performance. 

Its all-rounder abilities are very helpful for doubles players, as it makes covering the entire court a lot easier. 

On the contrary, singles players need rackets that are fast, powerful, and easy to control.

Luckily, you can find all these qualities in the Victor Auraspeed 90s


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